Vegan Cuts February 2015 Snack Box Review

Who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail (when it’s not electricity bills)!?  Nowadays, there are several monthly subscription packages that you can sign up for, and it’s really something affordable and exciting to look forward to each month.  I was delighted when Vegan Cuts sent me their February Snack Box to review.  If you have never heard of them before, Vegan Cuts is a 100% vegan company that has a fantastic online marketplace and monthly snack box and beauty box subscriptions.  A snack box subscription costs $19.95 for 1 month (free shipping to USA, and $8 to Canada), and you receive 7-10 vegan goodies straight to your door.  Some are trial size, and some are full size.  All are unique, vegan, mostly gluten-free and from what I saw in my snack box, exceed the value of $19.95.  Also, there’s no pressure; you can cancel anytime (though I doubt you would want to).

The February Snack Box is curated by the super witty blogger and cookbook author The Sexy Vegan.  Here’s his quirky video giving you a sneak peek at the February Snack Box.  We even received a coupon code in this box, FEBSNACKS gives you $5 off Vegan Cuts purchases if you spend a minimum of $25.  The offer expires on March 31st, so get over there and check it out!


Let’s have a closer look at what a typical snack box looks like, and the goodies I received this month.

February 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box

No, the packages didn’t come already torn into, my little monster couldn’t keep his hands off the snacks before I could snap a pretty photo of them all in tact. Such is life. 🙂

This snack box consisted of 10 snacks, here’s what we got:


Cassava Pops

Wai Lana Cassava Pops – Sea Salt – Holy moly.  Obsessed with these!  The little guy and I devoured these at an embarrassing speed. They are such a fantastic alternative to unhealthy potato chips.  They are crunchy, salty, and totally hit the spot, all while being wholesome and popped (not fried).  Cassava (yuca root) is all the hype right now.  It’s a nutrient-rich and tasty alternative to a regular potato.  It is native to Central and South America.  

The chips are: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Nothing Artificial, Zero Trans Fats.

Ingredients: Cassava (Yuca), Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Sesame.

Verdict: Go get ’em!

Beanfields Nacho Chips

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips – Nacho – This review is based on delicately eating three single nacho chips because, you guessed it, they were stolen away from the 5 year old chip monster I live with.  Okay, we loved these! I don’t normally buy chips at the market, but Beanfields make a delicious and healthier chip that is truly flavourful and have a good texture.  They are seasoned really well and have a bold cheesy flavour, but are completely dairy-free.  

The chips are: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Corn-Free, Nothing Artificial.

Ingredients:  Black Beans, Navy Beans, Long Grain Rice, High Oleic Safflower or Sunflower Oil.  Flavoring: Potato Maltodextrin, Salt, Tomato Powder, Cane Sugar (vegan), Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Paprika, Green Bell Pepper Powder, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Natural Non-dairy Flavor, Extractives of Annato, Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate, Grill Flavor (from Sunflower Oil).

Verdict: Go get ’em!

Emmy's Organic Macaroons

Emmy’s Chocolate Chip Macaroons – Absolutely delicious moist and chewy macaroons.  They are packed with rich, dark chocolate and gorgeous coconut flavour.  A pack of three looks small, but they are really dense and filling.  A small bite here and there was very satisfying! 

The macaroons are: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Made with Raw and Organic Ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Raw Agave, Almond Flour, Non-GMO Dark Chocolate Chips (unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar), Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Fair-Trade Vanilla Flavor (alcohol-free), Organic Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Verdict: Go get ’em!


Ziggy Marley’s Shelled Hemp Seeds – I had no idea Ziggy Marley had a line of food!  Having been to Jamaica and a huge Bob Marley fan, it definitely put a smile on my face seeing this little package.  He is all about providing the world with healthy coconut oils and hempseeds that are completely organic and non-GMO.  I already used the hemp seeds in my smoothies and pesto, and all in all, well – they’re hemp seeds.  High in protein and omegas, they are such an easy way to get your daily nutrients.  My son loves snacking on them on their own.

The hemp seeds are: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan, Raw, Certified Organic.

Ingredients: Organic Shelled Hempseeds.

Verdict: A healthy and versatile ingredient to have in your pantry.


Bonelli Simply Sesame Spread – Vanilla with Almond Bits – Seriously delicious!  Tastes very much like halvah, which I adore.  I ate it with a spoon and it was great.  I also spread it on toast and although the flavour is so good, I wasn’t crazy about the almond bits.  I’m a texture person, and would have just prefered it smooth.  Like peanut butter.  Must be smooth.  Never crunchy.

The sesame spread is: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Peanut-Free, Vegan, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, Low in Sodium.

Ingredients: Ground Hulled Roasted Sesame Seeds, Pure Cane Sugar, Diced Almonds, Sesame Powder, Sesame Oil, Vanilla.

Verdict: Definitely worth a try.  I would be interested in trying the Pure Roasted Sesame Spread.  


NuttZo To-Go Smooth Original Nut Butter  – This nut butter is made with a blend of seven different nuts and seeds.  It is quite rich, and high in protein and omegas.  I don’t see myself personally replacing my raw peanut butter or hazelnut butter with this, but it was definitely fun to try.  

The nut butter is: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan, Certified Organic.

Ingredients:  Organic Peanuts, Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Brazil Nuts, Organic Hazelnuts, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt.  

Verdict:  Worth a try.


180 Snacks Cranberry Pomegranate Clusters  – Loved this snack! Perfectly sweet and salty clusters that would make a great afternoon snack at work, or on-the-go.  Very pronounced pomegranate flavour and amazing crunchy texture in these little morsels.  I loved the healthful ingredients, and would definitely like to try the other flavors.  I would love to see this product at my grocery store!

The clusters are: Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Peanut-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Wheat-Free, 100% Natural.

Ingredients: Dry Roasted Nuts and Seeds (cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed kernels, almonds, flax seeds), Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Rices (crispy rice {rice, sugar, molasses, salt}, puffed brown rice), Dried Cranberries,  (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), Sea Salt, Pomegranate Powder, Natural Flavor.

Verdict: Go get ’em!


Munkijo 100% Organic Coconut Water  – I’m guessing you’ve all tried coconut water by now.  You know how it is; super refreshing, rich in electrolytes, nutritious and hydrating.  It’s nature’s hangover cure (we’ve all had those nights!) and great to keep your little ones hydrated when they are sick with the flu.  This coconut water was all of that, and we definitely enjoyed it.  I also love that it doesn’t have any added sugar.

The coconut water is: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Kosher, Vegan. 

Ingredients: 100% Organic Coconut Water

Verdict: Worth a try.


Seneca Crispy Apple Chips – Original – My son loved these apple chips.  They are sweet and crunchy, but a little bit too oily in my opinion.  He didn’t have any complaints, and I do like the fact that they are dried apple slices and do not contain any trans-fats.  However, I wish they were organic because they do contain corn products which would lead me to believe they may contain GMOs.

The apple chips are: Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Trans Fat-Free.

Ingredients: Apples, Safflower, Sunflower and/or Canola Oil, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

Verdict: Fun to try.


Sunwarrior – Warrior Blend Vanilla – I made everyone in the house try this to get more opinions.  We don’t ever use protein powder in our smoothies but today I mixed this with plain almond milk to get a good idea of the flavour.  My son liked it and my husband said it tasted really good as well.  The vanilla blend is quite flavourful.  It is a pea protein blend, so I kind of expected weird flavours, which I didn’t notice at all.  

The protein powder is: Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan, Raw, Soy-Free.

Ingredients: Proprietary Protein Blend (Raw Organic Pea Protein, Raw Cranberry Protein, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Protein),Organic Vanilla Extract, Natural Fibers (Fenugreek, Konjac), Stevia, Ancient Sea Salt, Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconut, Herbal (Tea Leaf) Extract, Natural Citrus Extract, Organic Cinnamon Extract.

Verdict:  A good-tasting raw vegan protein powder that I would use again.


So, there you have it folks.  I would definitely say I got a particularly good Snack Box this month.  We liked pretty much everything, and for those of you avoiding gluten, you probably noticed every snack was gluten-free.  Pretty awesome.  

I love the concept of the Snack Box because I’m always on the hunt for healthy snacks for my little guy’s school lunches, and to have around the house.  It’s a great way to sample things before spending more money on them at the grocery store.

These were the snacks that stood out the most for me: Cassava Pops, Beanfield’s Nacho Chips, Emmy’s Chocolate Chip Macaroons and 180 Snacks Cranberry Pomegranate Clusters.

Thank you all for reading, and I encourage you to try out the Vegan Cuts Snack Box.  It’s a lot of fun!  Food in the mail= awesome. 

What did you think of this Snack Box? Which snack would you try first?


Disclosure: Vegan Cuts generously provided me with a Snack Box for review.  All reviews and comments are my own, and I was not compensated to provide any feedback.  So, yup, you can trust me. 🙂




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