Vegan Cuts February 2015 Snack Box Review

Who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail (when it’s not electricity bills)!?  Nowadays, there are several monthly subscription packages that you can sign up for, and it’s really something affordable and exciting to look forward to each month.  I was delighted when Vegan Cuts sent me their February Snack Box to review.  If you have never heard of them before, Vegan Cuts is a 100% vegan company that has a fantastic online marketplace and monthly snack box and beauty box subscriptions.  A snack box subscription costs $19.95 for 1 month (free shipping to USA, and $8 to Canada), and you receive 7-10 vegan goodies straight to your door.  Some are trial size, and some are full size.  All are unique, vegan, mostly gluten-free and from what I saw in my snack box, exceed the value of $19.95.  Also, there’s no pressure; you can cancel anytime (though I doubt you would want to).

The February Snack Box is curated by the super witty blogger and cookbook author The Sexy Vegan.  Here’s his quirky video giving you a sneak peek at the February Snack Box.  We even received a coupon code in this box, FEBSNACKS gives you $5 off Vegan Cuts purchases if you spend a minimum of $25.  The offer expires on March 31st, so get over there and check it out!


Let’s have a closer look at what a typical snack box looks like, and the goodies I received this month.

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